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Self-Ticketing Solutions




FABTotem represents the NEW IPM TEL market segment for a self-service product selling.

Dispenses travel, parking and booking tickets. It provides and recharges smart cards and season tickets.

Compact terminal that can be istalled either indoor and outdoor with a bright top banner.

Suitable for multiple configuration installations with aesthetic connection and furniture elements.

Accepts payment by coins with the repayment in case of cancellation and with a dynamic refund management.

Highly vandal-proof terminal with many and efficient mechanical solutions.

Physical separation of the techinical box and the cashbox and requires the personnel identification for the differentiation of maintenance services from the cash management.

Accepts mixed payments with dynamic management refund.


Steel structure of 3 mm thickness with internal support frame, anti intrusion and anti tear system. Special locks with unbreakble protection and power key.

Technical Characteristics

Coins: all Euro coins and banknotes

Display: colour TFT 4,3’’ 

Keyboard: 4 vandal-proof keys

Printer: single

Ticket print: thermal graphic printer

Receipt print: thermal graphic printer

Card dispenser: paper or PVC from 0,2 a 2mm. Max 100pz – Wrapping o Flow pack

Roll ticket dimensions: 250mm

Smart card: ISO 7816150 14443A & B, 15693, MIFARE, Calypso etc.

SAM form: until 4

Refund box: until 3 boxes, one of them is dynamic 2200 coins

Strong-box: about 2,3Lt

Installation: plinth-floor-niche

Protection grade: IP54

Supply: 24V DC

Consumption: 240W(max)

Dimensions: 555x1820x433mm

Weight: 180kg


Our products are installed and opeartive worldwide even in griv climatic and environmental conditions.


50 years of experience with 4 million units installed in over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Americas , Africa and Asia.


Ability to customize products according to different requirements while maintaining quality .

Customer satisfaction

The relationship with our customers is continuous and constant, in a logic of partnership and trust .

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+39 081 19034400

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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