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Outdoor Card Payphone










Suitable for all environments

Accepts smart cards, magnetic cards and electronic purses

Programmable profit margins

Added profits by direct call service buttons

Low maintenance costand high reliability

Supervised by the REMAS remote management system


Technical Characteristics

Dimensions/materials: Height 370 mm, Width 240 mm, Depth 160 mm,

Case: die-cast aluminium

Keypad & functional  buttons: die-cast zamac.

Operating environment: -20°C to +50°C; Storage: -40°C to +70°C; 0% to 95% relative humidity. 

Network interface: Direct connection to PSTN line; RJ11 plug with lighting protection; 50 Hz, 12 or 16 kHz metering; Loop disconnect and DTMF dialling; V22/V23 modem; GSM/CDMA/TDMA (optional).

Power supply: Analog: fully line powered, no battery  required; GSM: internal battery +AC/DC 220/12V or solar panel.


Cards accepted

Chip cards: ISO 7810 IC standard; 1st generation (optional); 2nd and 3rd card generation; up to 4 SAM upgradeable.

Credit cards (low power consumption): ISO 7810 standard; ISO track 2; 75 Bpi density 5-50 ipd speedrange; ISO 1 and ISO 3 track options.

Electronic purse: Handling of major standard by SW downloading; Board upgrading for EMV1 standard (optional). 


Display: Graphics 32x160; Low power, back light (optional). 

Keypad: 4 software programmable buttons (optional); standard numeric; Alphanumeric for SMS (optional); 4 function keys: volume, multi-language, follow-on-call, redial.

Card insertion slot: Designed to be strong and well protected against vandalism, dust and water; Dedicated card replacement button. 

Handset: Armoured handset with internal stainless steel cord (over2000N).


 Customer Benefits

Attractive, robust and secure

Attractive: it conveys an image of offering performance, functionality, quality and service to the end user.

Robust: it is the design solution to improve fraud prevention and increased mechanical strength against vandalism.

Secure: fitted with real time SW and dedicated HW solutions, it provides evidence of any attempts at fraud, vandalism by immediately sending a report to the remote management system REMAS.


Simple and cost saving maintenance

A limited number of spare parts are required due to its modular and simplified design. This also makes the product very efficient, with a reduced MTBR and none ed for specialised maintenance staff. 

Diagnosis time, multiple part replacements and spare part quantities are all reduced thanks to a run time detailed diagnostic that clearly identifies any faulty modules. 

The maintenance centre is automatically alerted to any faults via the reception of a fault alarm and fault diagnosis. This eliminates the need for inspections, reduces the number of products out of service and ensures maximum service ability, control of storage and distribution of spare parts.


Optional modules

GSM kit: provides the operator with a solution for:

Temporary installations”: when a product is needed quickly or on a temporary basis

Rural installations”: when it is not economically viable to invest in fixed telephone lines

Mobile carriers”: who wish to operate public telephony on their own network

Double band 900 MHz - 1800- 1900 MHz or CDMA/TDMA

Double SIM: multi mobile operator


Functional keypad: A 4 button keypad for specific value added services. Functionality fully remotely programmable via REMAS.




Our products are installed and opeartive worldwide even in griv climatic and environmental conditions.


50 years of experience with 4 million units installed in over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Americas , Africa and Asia.


Ability to customize products according to different requirements while maintaining quality .

Customer satisfaction

The relationship with our customers is continuous and constant, in a logic of partnership and trust .

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