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Indoor Multy Payment Payphone




       Modernity and security

       Coin modern telephone for controlled environments.


       Guaranteed profitability

       Designed to satisfy payphones operators demands in terms of profitability,

       operating characteristics and customer service 


       High maintenance efficiency

       Supervised by the REMAS remote management system for extensive remote management capability and diagnostic


       High functionality

       Suitable for internal environments, it works within a large range of temperatures and humidity.

       Vandal proof system.

Desktop or wallmounted



Technical Characteristics

Dimensions: height 310 mm; width 235 mm; depth 200 mm. 

Casing: Sturdy plastic casing

Operating environment: -20°C to +60°C; Storage: -40°C to +70°C; Up to 85% humidity. 

Network interface

Direct connection to PSTN line

Plug-to-socket connection

50 Hz, 12 or 16 kHz meteringor timed from answer reversal and/or Press-on-answer

Loop disconnect and DTMFdialling

V22 bis modem

Cellular with GSM/TDMA/CDMA (optional).

Power supply: Fully line powered

Cash box capacity

Internal: 0.5 litre 150 coins ø25x2.7 mm

External: 2.5 litre (optional) 1,200 coins ø25x2.7 mm


Graphics 32x160

Low-power back light (optional)

Diagnostic operations

User information (multilingual)

Number dialled

Credit available.

Coin selector

Single slot

Electronic validation of up to 16 different coins

Prepayment storage: up to 6 coins. 


4 programmable buttons: speed dial, SMS, press on answer, emergency calls

4 function keys: volume, multi-language, follow-on-call, redial, change card (combi version).

Chip card reader (optional)

Chip cards: ISO 7810 IC standard; 2nd and 3rd-generation cards; Up to 4 SAM upgradeable.

Electronic purse (optional): Handling of major standards by SW Downloading.

Handset: Armoured handset with stainless steel cable(optional).





Our products are installed and opeartive worldwide even in griv climatic and environmental conditions.


50 years of experience with 4 million units installed in over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Americas , Africa and Asia.


Ability to customize products according to different requirements while maintaining quality .

Customer satisfaction

The relationship with our customers is continuous and constant, in a logic of partnership and trust .

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