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The stylish multi-payment payphone 






High functionality

Remote management system through REMAS and user-friendly menu.

Modular and attractive

Modular telephone with different interface net and different payment means, it conveys an efficient and effective image for companies. 

High maintenance and repair efficiency

Limited maintenance needed with real time alarm and detailed report through on site or remote diagnostic.

Multiple payments

Payments through coins, chip prepaid cards, credit cards, e-pursue.



Technical Characteristics

Dimensions/materials: Height 810 mm (combi or coin) 546 mm (card); Width 308mm; Depth 262 mm; Rear Housing: die cast aluminium; Keypad & functional buttons: die-cast zamac; Front door: stainless steel or painted  aluminium.

Operating environment: -20°C to +60°C; Storage: -40°C to +70°C; 0% to 95% relative humidity. 

Network interface: Direct connection to PSTN line; 50 Hz, 12 and 16 kHz metering; RJ11 plug with lightning protection; Loop disconnect and DTMF dialling; V22bis/V23 modem; GSM; CDMA.

Power supply: Analog: fully line powered,  no battery required

Cellular: internal battery + AC/DC 220/12V or solar panel.

Display:  standard alfanumeric

4 function keys: volume, multi-language,follow-on-call, redial

4 + 6 software programmable keys (optional)

Coin handling: Electronic validation up to 16 coins

Remotely programmable validator

Dynamic coin storage up to 9 coins

Coin refund bucket: Complete anti-stuffing solution

Sensor to detect stuffing objects and microswitch to detect door position (optional)



Cashbox: 3 models available

Standard model: 2 locking mechanical plates; 2 litre cash container 

Square model: 4 locking mechanical points; 2.5 litre cash container

Square light model: indoor applications; 2 locking mechanical points; 2.5 litre cash container


Cards accepted:

Chip cards: ISO 7810 IC standard; ISO 7816-1/ 2/ 3; 2nd and 3rd card generation; Up to 4 SAM upgradeable.

Credit cards: ISO 7810 standard; ISO track 2.

Electronic purse: Handling of major standard by SW downloading; Board upgrading for EMV1 standard (optional).






Our products are installed and opeartive worldwide even in griv climatic and environmental conditions.


50 years of experience with 4 million units installed in over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Americas , Africa and Asia.


Ability to customize products according to different requirements while maintaining quality .

Customer satisfaction

The relationship with our customers is continuous and constant, in a logic of partnership and trust .

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+39 081 19034400

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