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Payment systems

Payment terminals for ticketing machines, vending machines, parking meters and prepaid/scratch card dispenser.

Management systems

Essential tools to efficiently manage all systems and smart terminals. 


Design and production of terminals for public use, products refurbishing, boards industrialization and repairing.


With our products we are in over 40 countries worldwide. Over 4 million units installed. 


NEW IPM TEL was founded in 2013 on sale of business branch of IPM Group company, world leader in the market for public payphone terminals and management systems with more than 3 million of terminals installed in more than 40 countries. 

It’s a company operating in the design, production and sale of terminals for public use, terminal refurbishing, repair of electronic boards, development of the software management and maintenance of the installed bases.

NEW IPM TELoperates internationally in the telecommunications market, transport and payment systems. 

It proposes a model of production that points to the future using the most advanced technologies, but that looks also to the past to keep the artisan care and attention to details.

One of the main strengths is the high degree of flexibility, which allows the company to be able to customize each product, both aesthetically and functionally, according to the different needs of individual customers and in compliance with the mandatory regulations


Our products are installed and opeartive worldwide even in griv climatic and environmental conditions.


50 years of experience with 4 million units installed in over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Americas , Africa and Asia.


Ability to customize products according to different requirements while maintaining quality .

Customer satisfaction

The relationship with our customers is continuous and constant, in a logic of partnership and trust .

New IPM Tel

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